- 'Because The Only Good Pokie is an Online One'

Welcome to RSL Pokies - the site that believes the Whitlams had the right idea when they wrote their hit song Blow Up The Pokies - a song which for the record was written as a statement by lead singer Tim Freedman on the destructive nature of gambling addiction and more directly, the poker machines that line pubs and clubs from Tasmania to the Top End. The thing is, the more we here at read and learn about the state of problem gambling in this country and what is being done from a state and federal level the more we realise that unless we take a stand at a local, personal and individual level nothing is going to happen. take a stand against pokies and clubs and pubs

Make yourself at home, read through our Gambling Facts & Figures and check out the blog for the latest articles and trending news to get an idea just how far this gambling virus has spread and the significantly negative affect it's having on individual communities and society as a whole. Oh and check our About Page to answer the question I know is running around your head right now - 'Isn't Promoting Online Pokies and Casino Slots a Tad Contradictory?' 

If we only reach one person today and open their eyes to the full extent of problem gambling and the unwillingness of government to do anything about it - then this is a good day. Why? Because here at we actually care. A whole awful lot.