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Learn why we are here and what our mission is, and of course why we totes chose to accept it.

Isn’t Promoting Online Pokies and Casino Slots a Tad Contradictory?

Well yes at first glance it totally is – like stupidly so! But as you read through the information on this page, and the supporting media articles and documents that are provided you will come to realise that the problem is not the pokies themselves. Don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a poker machine actively pursuing a player and asking him for another ‘tenner’. Nor have I seen them on street corners trying to increase their customer base and spread the word about their product.

That tongue in cheek observation was made to highlight the obvious – that without a governing authoritative  body behind it the gambling industy and pokies would just be another ‘avenue’ for people to investigate, another night out in an already impressive social schedule. And  that would be the end of it. Sadly though the money generated from gambling related tax revenue (upwards of $20BILLION in the 2012 financial year) is more than enough to motivate the government and those in power to put in place any and all legislation that encourages the growth of this revenue. Occasionally people power wins through but with ClubsNSW and other corrupt bodies with ties to gambling [profits] pulling their weight it seems we are stuck on a downward spiral where community loses and once again the house wins.

Gambling effects community and family


What is the purpose of RSL clubs today? 

ClubsNSW and RSL Clubs are laughing while Sydney faces a gambling problem unlike has ever been seen and all the while they purport to be a beacon of light for their community.

This site aims to reveal the truth – despite it being bleedingly obvious anyway – that RSLs and ClubsNSW are only interested in profits and will stop at NOTHING to increase both the number of pokies they have installed and the number of problem gamblers who frequent their establishments.

Transparent & Accountable

Every Article, Media Release and reference on this website shows unequivocal proof of not only the Clubs attempt to undermine government and people power, but also shows clearly what changes have been implemented, and what changes ignored as a direct result of bullying and bribery from those with influence within the gambling industry. We realise that sharing it here and providing links to supporting documentation is not enough to make a difference and that the problems stemming from our governments unwillingness to act will only grow over the coming years, but something has to be said and the buck needs to stop somewhere.

Explain Yourself RSL & ClubsNSW

Recently the entire country introduced pokie reforms that will have a positive impact on communities and families everywhere. But then it was NSW turn and at the last minute the Gillard government was bullied by ClubsNSW into rejecting these changes – which as mentioned would have been a positive for every community in Australia – but of course would have meant less profits for the clubs – and since the clubs don’t give  fuck about community they squashed it from ever seeing the light of day.

“the gambling industry has pressed home its advantage by extracting further concessions to increase its profits, guarantee its further expansion, and increase the misery of the estimated 115,000 mainly low-income Australians with a serious gambling addiction – one mostly caused by the pokies.”

But they didn’t stop there – because in a sign that shows that ClubsNSW really are pure evil and literally want to destroy the very fabric of Australian Society they introduced new laws that according to all logic and reasoning have no vested interest in helping anyone but their own bottom lines. So The Gambling industry introduced their changes and as a result, gamblers in NSW clubs can now store $5,000 in an account or a smart card – a 25-fold increase from the previous standard limit of $200. As well, they can receive up to $5,000 of their winnings in cash, whereas previously amounts over $2,000 had to be paid by cheque or electronic funds transfer.

Monash University’s Charles Livingstone, an authority on gambling issues, says it is hard to fathom why a player would want $5,000 so readily at hand unless they had a very serious issue with poker machine gambling. He describes the other measure – raising the threshold for cheques or EFT to $5,000 – as “a recipe to ensure that problem gamblers …simply pour their winnings back into the machine ASAP”.

please explain your corruption ClubsNSW

But Wait, There’s More! (Steak Knives optional)

In what the government argues is a counter-balance, there is a reduction from $10,000 to $7,500 in the maximum amount pokie players can insert and store in machines and an increase from three to six months in the minimum period problem gamblers can ban themselves from venues. If that looks like tokenism, that is because it is.

Livingstone told me that the reduction from $10,000 to $7,500 is meaningless:

This is supposed to be a harmless entertainment. Why on earth would you need to put $7,500 in a poker machine in a club or pub if it were genuinely merely harmless fun? The only impact of this is to make money laundering slightly more difficult, but only slightly.

Now unless you work for the gambling industry or you are genuinely retarded there is no denying or arguing with the logic presented above. ClubsNSW will try and blame rhetoric and bureaucratic processes but all the red tape in the world cannot cover the plain obvious truth – ClubsNSW seek profits over people and will continue to do so until the community they purport to support is no more. (Original Source Article)

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So welcome to RSL Pokies, changing the world one website at a time.

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