Gambling reform needed more than ever - lets be proudly pokies free oh and then there’s this. Wait until Ron Burgundy notices….. it’s only a matter of time now

Isn’t It About Time We Stop Letting The Pokies Piss All Over Us?

“Pokie Leaks”

Maybe there’s some secret meaning to the campaign name chosen, because while at first glance it’s clearly a play on WikiLeaks I can’t help but wonder if maybe it’s also a little way of saying “Enough is enough, it’s high time we stopped being urinated on by the pokies and gambling industry in this country. We demand full disclosure and transparency from an industry that makes more money than some countries entire GDP generally at the expense of Australia as a whole.”

Of course I could be over analysing the whole thing (as is usually the case) and it’s just a play on WikiLeaks…boring!*

Sydney, Tuesday 27th September 2016: 

As Australia fights for pokie reform – the arguments supporting a need for pokie reforms are stronger than they have ever been  and demands changes that will protect the 1 in 6 Australians affected by or at risk of developing gambling problems, the x-Men of Gambling reform have joined forces with Greens Senator Larissa Waters and decided there are just too many secrets in the gambling industry. As a result they have setup and initiated ‘Pokie-Leaks’, a campaign that provides a direct line to parliament so that anyone with knowledge of what is really going on can divulge the truth and remain protected under parliamentary privilege.

andrew wilkie and nick xenophon on pokie reform The X Men of Gambling Reform

Poki-Leaks is the brainchild of what we here at RSLPokies call the ‘X Men of Gambling Reform’ – which inludes the X man himself Nick Xenophon and the most Able of all Tasman – Andrew Wilkie. They have joined forces with Greens Senator Larissa Waters who is currently responsible for the federal party portfolios of environment and biodiversity; women; resources, mining and coal seam gas. More importantly she is anti-pokies and pro-choice. Learn more about Senator Waters and her position within the ‘Pokie-Leaks’ Campaign at the GreensMP website –> follow this link to go directly to the media release covering this Pokie Leaks campaign

What is Pokie Leaks exactly?

The official line is that PokieLeaks is an opportunity for those with inside information on rigged poker machines, illegal industry practices and dodgy donations to political parties to leak directly to the MPs under the protection of Parliamentary privilege

They will call for confidential information, such as details of how machine design targets vulnerable players and undisclosed industry interaction with political parties, to be sent directly to them for release in Parliament.

“This information needs to be out there in the court of public opinion,” Senator Xenophon said. “If you know something that needs to be revealed, tell us, and with parliamentary privilege, we can tell everyone. For too long, this predatory industry has relied on secret and harmful features, which are designed to be addictive.”

Senator Waters said information about dishonest or illegal behaviour in the pokies industry “can help us hold them to account in Parliament” and that the identity of whistleblowers would be protected.

Even The Devil Has an Opinion

woolworths and ALH group are fleecing Aussies for every cent

A Clubs NSW spokesman said the campaign appears to be “a typical Nick Xenophon and friends publicity stunt. Sadly, it shows yet again how little regard is held by some politicians for the serious business of governing our nation,” he said.

An Aristocrat spokeswoman declined to comment.

RSLPokies would like to point out to this unnamed ‘Clubs NSW Spokesman” that the very presence of this campaign is evidence they are indeed busy ‘governing our nation’ Our question to you is – what value are you adding to society?

Perfidious Pokies

Pokies are designed to cause addiction and keep you playing Pokies are designed to cause addiction and keep you playing

Perfidious is defined as deceitful and untrustworthy, with some common synonyms including: treacherous, disloyal and faithless. I think it is fair to say that this word was made for the Gambling industry. Alliteration lovers like myself are enjoying the bonus of the P’s  (more leaks?) but that’s just a perk – the real value lies in how perfectly the word explains, no! Defines the gambing industry as a whole.

I guess Pokie-Leaks is just the natural reaction to dishonesty and lies. Why it’s taken this long for the call to be made is beyond us here at RSLPokies but we’re just stoked it’s been asked

Why it was only last week that one Australian Gambler took steps to potentially change the face of gambling in Australia and positively influence the future for 10’s of 1000’s of Australians

Now That’s a Class Action!

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Shonica is taking crown and aristocrat to court. What a guy! Shonica is taking crown and aristocrat to court. What a guy!