Welcome to Our Gambling Resources Page. Whether it’s Online Gambling or real world casino play, pokies or sports betting – you will find the answers and resources you need here. And since we built this site for our Aussie friends let’s start by focusing on the information that actually matters to you. If there is anything specific you would like to know or a link here that is not working then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – we love hearing from you guys!


Aussie Aussie Aussie – Oi Oi Oi.

gambling addiction help for aussies

Australian Gambling Statistics – The Truth About Our Pokie Play

Learn just how dire things are in this great southern land with the latest

Australians and Pokies – The Truth About Our Government

The only thing uglier than some of the afore mentioned gambling and pokie statistics is the attitude of our Government and Clubs (ClubsNSW, ClubVIC and others who hide behind the guise of the RSL name and the ANZAC Spirit).
Learn more about the corruption that is so widespread and get some insight into why nothing is going to get better anytime soon.

How Pokies Work – The Ugly Truth About What They’re Designed To Do

Just when you thought the gambling stats and internal corruption was the ugliest side of gambling in Australia the facts about why and how Pokies work will have your head spinning and leave a horribly bitter taste in your mouth. Trust me when I tell you the truth is far worse than any lie I could ever make up.

Australians and Online Gambling – Legal or Not?

This question has to be answered in two parts. It is illegal for operators to offer online gambling services from within the jurisdiction of Australia. This means that online casinos cannot operate legally from within Australian territory.

However, it is not illegal for Australian players to place wagers at online casinos that are situated outside of Australia. It goes without saying then that Australians are perfectly within their legal rights to gamble and play pokies and slots online to their hearts content so long as the Online Casino is not located within Australia – and since there are no online casinos currently operating within this great southern land it is fair to say that ‘Yes, Australians everywhere are legally protected and are well within their rights to access one of the more reputable online casinos and enjoy a flutter on the pokies or a spin on the blackjack whenever they feel like it.

Australian Gambling Support – Resources and Help

seek help for your gambling addiction

Whether you are playing free online pokies or enjoying some of the progressive slots at the online casino of your choice, we believe in and endorse responsible gaming on every level – from the highest of federal governments all the way down to the rarest level of all – common sense and practicality – because sometimes these guys are all that stand between you and a serious gambling addiction. Some of the more common gambling responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Playing only in a safe, secure and supportive environment Online casinos we endorse provide 24/7 support, and all of their software is certified. Making deposits and withdrawing the winnings is easy and straightforward.
  • Being informed and making informed decisions We explain how pokies machines operate, what are the odds of winning, and other details to assist you in making informed decisions.
  • Playing only with the funds set aside for the purpose of gambling We do not think that gambling with your lifetime savings is a good idea. Or with your college fund. Or your mortgage.
  • Prohibiting minors from gambling Online casinos are to implement stringent age verification techniques to ensure that only people of the legal gambling age can participate in the activity.
  • Respecting privacy of the players Online casinos are obliged to take due care to ensure the customer’s rights to privacy.
  • Responsible promotions and advertising All promotional materials by online casinos are to be presented truthfully and not in a false, deceptive or misleading way.

Follow this link to our Responsible Gambling Resources Page – providing a free helpline and confidential support to every Australian, every day.

call the gambling helpline today


Aristocrat Pokies and the best casino slots and pokies guide

Slot Machines & Pokies – The Ultimate Resource List

Here you will find everything you need to know about pokies and slot machines. There is also links to online casino reviews and recommendations for you based on your playing preference and game choice.


Playing Pokies – Tips to Win More and Increase Your Odds.

how to win on the pokies - HOT TIPS

Ok so we know there is no trick to winning on the pokies – I mean there cannot possibly be a hack or tip that can change a completely random computer algorithm, but there are some ways you can use your understanding of the game and the way the reels are setup to mazimise your chances and increase the amount of time spent playing the same machine. Now in my book that passes as a tip to win more, because if I can increase my chances then technically I should right? – Again this is why it’s called gambling people! Check out the article and see for yourself how to maximise your chances and increase your enjoyment at the same time –>

Strategize to Maximize – How To Win More Slots and Pokies


Pokies – Cool Facts and World Records

fun facts and world records for slots and pokies

Learn the fun stuff associated with pokies and slot machines an find out just how massive the largest progressive slots win was – or be inspired to give the online casino a go after learning how many online casino winners have become instant millionaires thanks to the wonders of playing online slots and pokies instead of heading down to the local pub or club. There’s also heaps of random facts that you have to see to believe. –> Biggest Slots Jackpot and Other Pokie related World Records

The History of the Slot Machine

Find out how a humble mechanic changed the gaming world forever, and how technology and greed have paved the way for what is now a pandemic. –> The History of Slots and Pokies

FAQ and Getting Started Guide

All your common questions – and some of the not so common ones too – are answered here for your perusal. Find out the what who why and how of pokies and slot machines and learn how easy it is to download and start playing your favourite real world (Artistocrat) Pokies from the comfort of your lounge. –> Read the Getting Started Guide and if you have any questions then check out our Pokies and Slots FAQ


Why RSLPokies.com again?

the vision and mission of RSLPokies.com

The Problem – Pokies are only a problem because the government and clubs that hold them make too much money to see anything but profit. In the interest of alliteration it seems the the Government and RSL/Clubs have a penchant for pokies, profits, and the proliferation of problem gambling. Learn more on our about page and subsequent posts and articles throughout the site.

The Solution – Ironically the solution is to enjoy playing your favourite Aristocrat and iGT pokies online instead! Not only do you get a better return than the clubs would ever give you, you get to do so from the comfort of your own lounge – and yes you can totally come in with those shoes sir!
This article HERE explains in part why the government is not going to do anything about this and why it is up to us as individuals to take a stand and goes some way to further explaining why we believe playing online pokies is the solution.

Blow up the Pokies?

Do that and the 90% of Aussies who enjoy  the occasional punt and being idiots with their mates while doubling up on Queen of the Nile can no longer do so! – Why should everyone miss out on the fun that gambling and pokies can provide just because 1: a few people cannot control their ‘enjoyment’ and 2: the Government that purports to be support it all turns a blind eye whenever tax time comes around?!

Blow Up Some Of the Pokies we say – but leave the rest for the 90% of Aussies who enjoy a poke for a poke’ sake

dont blow up the pokies because of 1 Ummm dude?! Don’t think he got the memo